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Patient's Guide for Lower Back Pain

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General Health History

It is also important to obtain a good General health history including lifestyle, family history and other medical conditions which will help evaluate what is contributing to the pain, what to expect with this pain and how can the pain be treated.


Certain lifestyle factors can significantly affect the character and the intensity of lower back pain. For example if somebody has a sedentary lifestyle and is always sitting down at a desk or at a computer and has poor posture or bad back support on their chair then that person will most likely experience some chronic dull aching back pain that overtime may gradually get worse up to the point where traditional conservative measures such as stretching and exercise no longer help that person. It is crucial to learn how to identify and undo our bad habits, as over time this is what will help us the most in coping with chronic conditions such as lower back pain.

On the other hand habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol on a regular basis can also affect the general health of the spine. Certain high impact sports also accelerates degeneration and damage to the spine.

Past medical history

Having a good idea of what the past medical conditions are is important in order to be able to better assess the cause of the lower back pain and to be able to determine whether or not there is a red flag that is causing this pain that needs to be addressed immediately. For instance if a patient has had cancer in the past along any part of their body, this may have spread to their lower back and may be causing them to have chronic lower back pain. This patient may need to be better evaluated with an MRI for example to be able to assess whether or not the cancer has returned and/or is present in their spine.
Other conditions such as autoimmune or inflammatory conditions can also cause back pain (such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis). The treatment of these conditions however is very different than the one for back pain caused by chronic degenerative changes or cancer.
Certain medications and other environmental factors can also contribute and cause lower back pain. Patients with chronic kidney infection can also have back pain and patients with other serious condition such as vascular disease may experience widening or ballooning of the aorta due to a weakness in the wall of this artery, (the aorta is the major artery running from the heart to the legs, along the front of the spine). If there is a small rupture in this artery, this can present as severe lower back pain and can be life threatening.

Family history

Determining who in the family has experienced trouble with their back or with the nerves in their spine is also an important factor. Whether or not they have chronic arthritis problem or some other kind of genetic problem causing them to have back pain is good to know as this condition may be inherited or hereditary. This can also direct the treatment of the back pain.

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