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Patient's Guide for Lower Back Pain

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Factors Specific to the Spine Contributing to Back Pain

The majority of lower back pain is mechanical in nature. In many cases, lower back pain is associated general degeneration of the spine due to  normal wear and tear that occurs in the joints, discs, and bones of the spine as people get older. Spine related mechanical causes of lower back pain include:


  • Sprains & strains account for the majority acute back pain. Sprains are due to overstretching or tearing ligaments, and strains are due to tears in tendon or muscle. Both can occur from lifting heavy objects, twisting, improper technique or overstretching. These movements may also cause spasms in back muscles, which can be painful.


  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is one of the most common mechanical causes of back pain. It typically happens when the  discs lose integrity and water contents as part of the normal process of aging. As the discs degenerate, they lose their cushioning ability.


  • Herniated or ruptured discs can occur when the intervertebral discs bulge outward (herniation) or rupture, causing lower back pain and/or leg pain.


  • Radiculopathy is a problem caused by compression, inflammation and/or injury to a spinal nerve root. Pressure on the nerve root causes pain, numbness, or tingling that travels to other areas of the body that are supplied by that nerve. Radiculopathy can happen when spinal stenosis or a herniated or ruptured disc compresses the nerve root. Sciatica is a type of radiculopathy caused by impingement of the sciatic nerve, the nerve that travels through the gluteus and extends down the back of the leg. This condition leads to pain through the buttocks and down the leg, up to the foot. It may be associated with numbness and muscle weakness in more severe conditions.


  • Spondylolisthesis is a disorder where a vertebra of the spine slips out of place, causing compression along the nerves exiting the spinal column.


  • Traumata to the spine: there are several causes of trauma and these can include motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc. Any structure in the spine may be injured including the bony vertebrae (fractures), the disks or other joints, the muscles or tendons and the nerves. When spinal nerves become compressed and irritated, back pain and radiculopathy may result.


  • Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column that causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves that can provokes pain or numbness with walking and can lead to leg weakness and numbness as well as balance problems.


  • Scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis: An abnormal curvature of the spine to one side or another that does not usually cause pain until middle age is often referred to as scoliosis; lordosis, an excessively accentuated arch in the lower back; and kyphosis is when the back or neck are curved forward instead or backwards.


  • Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can also cause lower back pain.


  • Osteoporosis is a bone disease where there is decrease in bone density and strength, which can result in painful fractures of the vertebrae.

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